10 Dynamic Photography Posing Ideas to Try for Instagram

Sponsored by Zappos. As always, all thoughts and opinions in this article are 100% my own.

Ever feel as if your Instagram feed is stagnant, or you’re just not feeling that inspired by your photos? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! There have been so many times when I’ve personally felt unmotivated to post on Instagram because I’d feel stuck during the creation process, not vibing with how my photos turned out and just feeling stale.

That’s why I’ve compiled 10 fresh and dynamic poses that you can easily incorporate into your shots to bring new life to your Instagram feed!

Sometimes all it takes is some new fun poses to try out to get inspired again and take your posing skills and Instagram feed to a whole new level.

I’ll be focusing on more urban/street style poses in this article, which are also a great way to show off your #OOTD, or in my case, new shoes!

Zappos just recently launched an amazing new assortment of Hoke One One products, which specializes in top fitness, trail, hiking, and road running shoes. Their shoes also happen to be extremely photogenic and were great to test out new poses in.

When I first tried on the Hoke One One Speedgoat 4’s, they were so light and bouncy that I immediately felt like moving in them! They were also grippy enough that I felt safe jumping around and trying some poses that tested my physical limits.

And with the perpetually rainy Seattle weather in the winter, I can vouch that the Speedgoat 4’s are the perfect shoes to take hiking, trail running, or just about anywhere for your everyday commute.

These poses were definitely inspired by the Hoke One One Speedgoat 4’s, which to me embodied movement and fluidity.

From the classic jump to the one legged bend, I hope you get inspired to try some of these dynamic poses for your next Instagram post!

Run it Out

I’m sure we’ve all tried some variation of a “walk it out” pose, but why not take it up a notch and run it out? Try out this pose by going into a casual jog – just make sure your camera’s shutter speed is high enough to capture a clear shot, which will make it look as if you’re suspended in air mid-run.

Lean with It

For this pose, pretend as if you’re leaning back against a wall while simultaneously sticking one of your legs out as far as possible. Try rotating your photo 90 degrees to add another cool dimension to the shot, as if you’re literally defying gravity.

The Casual Karate Kick

What makes this pose work is how it makes you look badass, but in a nonchalant kind of way. Lean to one side while kicking your leg out in the opposite direction. Keep your hands in your pockets to make it look effortless.

The Olympian

As regal as the name, channel your inner Greek Goddess for this pose. With your arms stretched out behind you, stand on one foot (tippy toes) with the other foot raised and bent in front. Now lean forward with your back straight as far as you possibly can without falling. Although you might feel a little silly doing this pose, I promise it’ll be worth it when you see the final result!

Mid-Air Hair Flip

This is one of my favorite dynamic jumping poses, although it takes a little more hand eye coordination. But experiment with what feels right to you and make it your own! To get this look, jump up in the air with one leg slightly bent, and then whip your head to the other direction at the same time. This creates movement while also looking as if you’re frozen in time when the camera captures you while you’re “floating” in the air!

Pony(tail) Up

One tip to make a pose more creative or different is to utilize your hair as an extension of the pose. Try holding your ponytail out to make your pose more dynamic.

The Mid-Jump

So the ledge was higher than I had originally anticipated, which is why my face looks kind of scared here… haha but if it’s a SAFE distance, jumping down from a ledge can add movement and depth to your shot.

The Power Crouch

One way to switch up your posing is to try some shots from a lower angle as well. By crouching down, you can get more intimate with the camera.

The Sit Down

Here’s another pose that is all about angling the camera differently to give a new perspective for the frame. By pointing the lens from low to high, you’re able to achieve the effect that you’re sitting way higher up than in reality. I’d say it’s a pretty empowering pose.

The Sneaker Feature

The perfect pose to show off your cool kicks! Pop a squat and angle one of your feet forward for an effortlessly chic look.

In all these shots, I’m featuring the new Hoka One One Speedgoat 4’s, which I got from Zappos! If you’re looking for new shoes or even clothes, then I’d highly recommend checking out Zappos, if you haven’t heard of them already.

I recently also signed up to be a Zappos Rewards member (which is completely free) to get these shoes in just one business day, thanks to their free expedited shipping perk in addition to other benefits. This is on top of their every day perks of 24/7 customer service and 365 day return policy!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post of dynamic new poses you can easily try the next time you go shooting.

Hopefully you’re a little more inspired now to try out some of your own as well! If you have any other pose ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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