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Live life with intention.


by Tom Shu

for the love of wander

Our Story

Tom and I met a little bit by accident when we were working as consultants in the healthcare industry. Neither one of us was really looking for a partner at the moment, but when we found ourselves sitting next to each other at a group dinner planned by mutual friends, we started talking and couldn't stop! We realized we had so much in common, from our love for traveling and photography, to coming up with crazy business ideas. We continued our conversations during multiple coffee hangouts (Tom is adamant these were our first dates, ha!), and found comfort in sharing our dreams and aspirations with each other.
Although we'd only known each other for a few months at this point, I felt as if we'd shared a lifetime together in some parallel universe. Our values and principles were always aligned, and before long, we found ourselves to be the perfect travel companion for each other.

I never planned on falling in love with my best friend, nor did I plan on helping him start (and ultimately fail) several businesses, that ranged from making coffee at a farmer's market to selling fidget spinners and bubble mail envelopes. But that's the curious thing about life isn't it? It's the stuff that happens in the unexpected that end up teaching you the most about yourself.

Our latest venture, Wit and Folly, was born out of what brought us together originally - our love for travel. This time though, we decided to give it our all, quitting our 9-5 corporate jobs and dedicating 110% of ourselves to this passion of ours. Like our other businesses, it's impossible to know if this one will sink or float, but if you give up on something before even starting, you've already failed.
And I'm no risk taker, but it never feels like taking a risk to chase our wild dreams when it's with Tom by my side. Our failures have become our learnings to keep improving and to keep growing, and that is something we'll always be grateful for.

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About Wit & Folly

who we are
We're a couple of travel-loving, adventure-seeking creatives who choose to see the world in full color (and with a touch of whimsy and wonder.) We hope that our blog inspires you to explore more and often, and to discover a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world we live in.
What we Do
We are dedicated to sharing our personal travel recommendations/ comprehensive guides, photography and videography tips, and lessons learned navigating our own blogging journey, without forgetting to enjoy the little moments in between.
why we do it
Although we love to inspire through beautiful imagery, we are most passionate about helping others find the courage to share their own bold narratives, to see the value of authenticity over approval, and to embrace the ideals of mindful travel, uninhibited creativity, and living life with intention.

The Team


Melissa Teng

Favorite Travel Destination: Japan

Favorite Travel Experience: Watching the sunrise reflection of Mount Fuji at Lake Kawaguchiko

Favorite Animal: Manta Ray

Favorite Book: The Kite Runner

Strength: Finding beauty in everything and seeing the potential in everyone

Weakness: Sweets… any and all

Bad Habit: Being a perfectionist and being indecisive

Astrological Sign: cusp of Aries and Pisces

Meyers Briggs: INFP-T

Current Craving: Popeye’s Fried Chicken



Tom Shu

Favorite Travel Destination: Japan

Favorite Travel Experience: Filming the 2018 Matsu Festival in Beigang, Taiwan

Favorite Animal: Penguin (and my pet Shih Tzu named Sushi)

Favorite Book: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Strength: Staying focused and optimistic even in the most challenging of times

Weakness: my dog Sushi

Bad Habit: Being a workaholic

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Meyers Briggs: INFP-A

Current Craving: a bowl of ramen






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