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When I first decided to move to Seattle, one of the main draws for me was how close I’d be to Mount Rainier. In just a little over two hours, I’d have access to a plethora of breathtaking trails, fresh smells of wildflowers and alpine meadows in the summer, and of course, the picturesque and awe-inspiring view of Mount Rainier in the distance. 

Growing up in the Midwest, I didn’t have that many chances to visit national parks or explore the outdoors during my childhood. The first time I ever even went on a camping trip was after I had graduated from college. After that first experience though, I was hooked. Now, I can’t imagine a life without alpine lakes, evergreen trees, and the sweet smell of Mother Nature all around me.

I believe that the more we are able to get outdoors and experience nature, the more respect and appreciation we have for our Earth. Unfortunately, not everyone has easy access to public lands or the opportunity to get up and close to nature, and it’s important to recognize the barriers to equity in outdoor spaces. In fact, although people of color make up 42% of the U.S. population, only 23% of park visitors are people of color. Sadly, a history of segregation has made it more difficult for people of color to participate in the outdoors, which has led to an exclusionary narrative about who is allowed to enjoy or belongs in nature.

Although there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done to make our national parks more accessible for all types of people, I’m hopeful that with awareness and acknowledgement, we can expand access points to underrepresented communities.

That’s why I’m so excited that method, one of my favorite cleaning brands, has partnered with Fifty-Nine Parks to help bring the beauty of our national, natural wonders to more people. In support of ParkVentures, the National Park Foundation’s new collaborative effort to increase park access and equity, their goal is to make it so that more people can experience the powerful social, mental and physical benefits of the outdoors.

It all starts with awareness, and method’s new limited edition collection of gel hand wash and foaming hand wash feature five stunning illustrations by Fifty-Nine Parks, each paired with their own scent that is meant to represent each park’s unique experience while inspiring exploration and protection of these natural lands.

As part of a paid partnership with method, I had the opportunity to try out each of their hand soaps from the new collection. Here are each of the five parks that are featured in the method x fifty-nine parks collection as well as what I thought of their fragrances:

Woodlands: Sequoia Park

I just had the opportunity to visit the Redwoods in California, so this fragrance is particularly fresh on my mind! Scents of warm cedar wood and fresh pine envelope me, just as the towering Redwoods surround me in a heady, woodsy warmth.

Harbor Cove: Acadia Park

Evoking scents of a wind swept sea and rugged cliffside coasts, this fragrance smelled fresh with hints of salty ocean air and orange zest.

Alpine Meadow: Mount Rainier

Probably my favorite scent of the bunch (and favorite national park I’ve visited thus far as well!), this soap reminded me of sweet meadow grass and blooms of fresh wildflowers. It’s a refreshing scent that takes me back to hiking in the backcountry and breathing in the mountain air!

Paradise Reef: Dry Tortugas

A very tropical and fruity scent with notes of pineapple and mango definitely evokes thoughts of paradise and living on island time. I’ve never been to Dry Tortugas before, but the colorful fish design and fruity fragrance definitely has me wishing I was there right now!

Desert Citrus: Grand Canyon

Although this scent doesn’t exactly remind me of the desert per say, it’s a very pleasant fragrance that’s light, fresh and citrusy. I could imagine that the colors of the scents – the warm oranges and pink hues of grapefruit – are reminiscent of the colorful orange hues that sweep over the Grand Canyon and desert landscape.

This new collection truly showcases the power of creativity to put change within reach of everyone. These unique fragrances in conjunction with the art on the bottles help transport you to new sights and experiences that you might not otherwise have expected. Scents are closely tied to memories, and these scents definitely remind me of some of my favorite outdoor spaces and national parks.

Get closer to our national parks and the great outdoors whenever you’re washing your hands by purchasing this method x fifty-nine parks limited edition collection at or anywhere else method products are sold. And as with all method products, this limited-edition collection is made with plant-based and other thoughtful ingredients, cruelty free, and tested by people, not on animals.

If you’ve tried method hand wash before, what is your favorite scent?

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